Monday, 14 July 2014

Manicure Monday: World Cup Flags Nails

The World Cup may be over, but that doesn't mean that I can't do a summary on them!

Colours Used: Avon Nailwear Pro in French Tip White, Lagoon, Sunshine and Electric Green | Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Blue It | Sinful Colours Nail Polish in Ruby Ruby and Queen of Beauty | Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers in Darkest Hour | Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in Red, Black and White

Yesterday's big finale to the FIFA World Cup left me wondering "hmm that was great and all but what I do now for fun in terms of a big event? What if there is nothing else that will bring the whole world together for a long time?" Yes I am a little bummed out that I no longer have something on TV to watch to pass the time or something to look forward to with mother and have like our own little rivalries and all arguing over who was the best team and who was going to win the World Cup and all (FYI, my mom wanted Brazil or Argentina to win. She was deeply devastated when neither of them won the Cup and even more so when Brazil lost shamefully over Germany 7 to 1).

But yeah despite going through a bit of a withdrawal right now after being in such a pumped up state over the World Cup for the past month or so, I'm glad to have witnessed one of the most talked about and the most magical World Cup games in history and so to celebrate this wonderful and beautiful game that is soccer (Football for those of you who live outside of Canada or the US), I wanted to show my pride for the World Cup by painting up some of the flags of the countries that were participating in the World Cup.

A few weeks back, the idea for the nails came to me in a dream and at first I didn't want to try it out because I thought it would be a bit difficult for me to do but in the end they were surprisingly easy to do (Well, for the most of the countries anyways!).

Due to the large amount of designs on this nail art, I won't be able to explain to you each and every nail and the processes behind it. So for the purposes of time and insanity, I'll only do a general description of each hand.

The Left hand consisted of Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana, Argentina, and Italy. This hand was pretty simple to do because it just basically involved using the striping brush in the associated flag colours and painting on thick stripes on each finger, while staying true to the original flags. I wanted to add a bit more detail to the sun in the Argentinian flag but because I made the dot a bit too small for it to have any more details, I just left it as it and just added tiny lines to the sun using a toothpick so it doesn't look an ordinary yellow dot. The black star in the flag of Ghana was a little out of shape for my liking. From afar it looks ok but when you actually take a closer look at it you can see that it's a little uneven on the sides. But that's ok, it still looks decent enough for now I guess.

For Brazil, because I didn't have any striping tape so I could paint even diagonal lines, I just freehanded the yellow diamond with a striping brush, and to be honest it turned out great! Not bad for my first time free handing things huh?

I use a dotting tool for the blue globe to sit in at the center of the yellow diamond. I could of left it as is and then finish of the with the thin white stripe the goes across the globe but i wanted to spice things up a bit and sponged on some glitter stars using the detail brush to mimic the stars that you find in the Brazilian flag. Pretty neat huh?

Out of all of the nails, I think that I liked my right hand the most! (And's that's actually saying something!) It's easy to see why this hand might of been my favourite one to paint... The flags themselves are really pretty to look at and the colours that were used for this hand really complement each other beautifully! Again like with the left hand the nails were pretty easy to do, I just used a striping brush and just painted on some lines onto the nail. For England however, I just used a red nail art pen and drew on the cross that is found on the flag. The reason why I didn't use a striper for that nail was because I wasn't sure how it would of turned out with it and I find that with nail art pens, they provide a bit more precision and control (especially when you are just starting out with nail art!).

I had a great time painting the Greek and the American flags! It was my favourite part of the nails and I even got to add the little tiny details of the flag using the white nail art pen! One of my friends on Facebook pointed out to me that I am missing some stars on the American flag but what can I do? Even with the most detailed brushes, there still wouldn't be enough space to possibly hold all 50 states on one portion of the nail. The nail can only hold so much you know!

When it came time to finish off Spain though I had a decision to make though. I could of left it plain like this...

Spain Flag Before...

 Or I could of try my hand of adding the intricate details that are found in the flag. While I doing these nails I checked out other blogging sites as well as Google Images to look at how they intrepreted the Spainish flag and the majority of them had this version of the flag on the nails (Hell, even some of the more talented nail artists had this version of the flag on their nails whenever they did flag nail art!). But when I compared it to the rest of the nails, it looked boring as hell, and so I went ahead and added the coat of arms using nothing but Nail Art Pens.

The more kickass version of the Spain flag! :)

Looks pretty good huh? I know that it's not perfect but hey, it could be worse! :)

So that's it! My complete summary of the Flag nail art that I did for this year's World Cup. And yes I know I am missing some countries in specific groups (E and H to be exact), I chose countries that I know would be easy for me to paint as well as countries that would be the most aesthetically pleasing to the eyes when placed together. And even though the World Cup may be over, at least I have the memories and these awesome nails to remember it by!

So what did you think of these nails? Do you miss the excitement and the togetherness that the World Cup had to offer? Do you have any other suggestions that I could try out for the next World Cup? Please let me know in the comments below!

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