Saturday, 19 July 2014

Simply Monochrome...

I'm channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn as the temperatures begin to rise and I do a little exploring of my own...

Photos By: J. Mcfarlane (The Photographer has asked me to only use their initials as credit)

Outfit Details: Floppy Hat from H&M (Similar Here)
Talula Trooper Jacket from Aritzia
Distressed Tribal Print Hi-Rise Festival Shorts from American Eagle (Similar Here and Here)
Black Lace Cropped Bustier from Garage (Similar Here)
Juicy Couture Crown Necklace (Purchased from eBay)

Author's Note: This was an old ootd posting which was first posted on Instagram in May 2014.

It was a beautiful day outside and I simply could not wait to bask in the first few rays of sunlight as the temperatures were beginning to get warmer after a long and frigid winter that we had! I just got this new floppy hat from H&M and with the sweet weather that was happening outside, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to wear it out! My mom thought that the outfit would be too dressy to wear out for such a casual day, But I wanted to wear it anyways since I don't get a lot of opportunities to go out and it would be a shame to just have this beautiful hat to sit in the closet all summer. But then again, me and her have differing style tastes, and therefore we see things differently when it comes to fashion.

The hat itself adds a little mystery and Dark Bohemian edge to any outfit and since I was trying to go with a simple casual Boho-Grunge look, The hat acted as the perfect juxtaposition between polished and classy, and edgy and distressed that the rest of the outfit was based off of. The hat is also very reminiscent of classic Hollywood Movie Stars and what they used to wear back then, like for example Audrey Hepburn. I'd imagine that this is the outfit that she would wear if she was in the mood for dressing up with a little Boho-Grunge twist (with maybe a few more glamorous accessories for that personal touch).

Remember that scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's where Audrey Hepburn would spend the entire morning doing a little window shopping at Tiffany and Co. while indulging on various sweets? At first I wanted to do something like that now that the weather was nice and all, but since I don't have the luxury to be close by a Tiffany's (or even another jewelry store for that matter!), I just settled for the next best thing, and treated myself to a decadent bowl of ice cream!

Although I do wish the waffle bowl was dipped in White Chocolate! Now THAT would make for a tasty treat!

Until next time my precious little sweets!

Love Always,


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