About Me!

Hello! My name is Tiffany and I'm just a small but opinionated girl who is just hoping to have my voice heard.

Why Tragic Couturist you might ask? Well for starters I chose the name because it was based on my ever changing emotions that I would go through when it comes to putting together my outfits and since most of my emotions would be very dark, moody and negative in nature, my clothing choices tend to include very dark and muted colours and rich jewel tones, just like the stuff that I tend to be drawn to – Dramatic, Gritty and Edgy with some splashes of Femininity (very dramatic and tragic indeed!).

The Couturist portion of the name comes from the term that my all-time favourite brand, Juicy Couture would use to describe its loyal customers. It can also be used to describe someone who’s very into fashion, especially the more high-end and luxury type of style (though for the purposes of this blog, the clothes that I tend will have the look of a high-end brand but at College-girl prices).

I should probably also mention that the name for this blog was also based off of one of my favourite characters, Gamzee Makara of Homestuck. The handle that he uses for Trollian chat client shares the same initials as my blog name (Gamzee’s Trollian handle is terminallyCapricious), which really helped me come up with the name and the feel for this blog in the first place (Yes I know I should technically be using the same initials that the kids use but who’s really keeping track?)

The reason why I started this blog was because I was really inspired by what was out there from looking at images on sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, and so I saw a blog as a huge opportunity to get my name out there and show the world what I am made of! Yes I know this sounds a bit too optimistic but never fear! I believe that one day I shall change the world with my Simple but Inspiring Fashion posts while hopefully getting some people inspired to change the way that they view their own clothes in the process! 

In short, I believe that Fashion Rules are meant to be broken and that No one shall be afraid to take some risks once in a while and just see what works, regardless of what’s currently in fashion or even the opinions of other fashion experts (Although there are times when they actually do make sense!) 

I also started this blog because I was feeling a bit dissatisfied with the type of fashion that would prevail at my school and so I do hope I inspire the average college student in some way instead of just relying on classic fallbacks such as sweatpants and hoodies.

When I'm not blogging away at my current adventures in Fashion or Nail Art, I'm going to college as a 2nd year Marketing Student @ Sheridan College (Although as of right now I'm currently on a break from my studies until further notice). Hopefully the skills that I learn here can become useful for me to use for when I someday become a fashion designer or even some other career in the Fashion industry.

When it comes to my style in general it tends to learn towards Girly and Feminine with loads of Floral Prints (Especially Daisies! I'm a huge soft spot for Daisies and Soft Grunge!) And delicate textures such as lace and Crochet. 

Oh C'mon! Don't tell me that you don't love them daisies! :)
But at the same time I'm also a huge sucker for the Darker and Edgier side of life especially when it involves skulls, ripped clothing, and a HUGE overdose of Chains and Spikes that’ll just be enough to land you into a badass coma! 

This isn't just a stud overload.. This is pure heavenly goodness!
In Short, I'm a Tough Cookie who is very Sweet and Angelic on the inside…

Once in a while I also tend to ramble on random stuff relating to fashion and ethics just to satisfy my opinionated side and have my two-cents on specific topics.

Once again I do want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope I inspire you to come up with new and fresh Ideas for your outfits. And remember, when it comes to fashion, you can make a difference!


  1. I can't believe I actually read all of this, but I'm glad I did! You are very inspiring and I'm glad to learn a bit more about you.

    1. Thank you! Most people would actually get bored after reading so much, I'm actually surprised that any one would actually read this much with getting bored! I really do appreciate you actually took the time to read all of this! I'm glad to know that you've learned a few things about me! :)

  2. Hello I just wanted to say I love your blog. I read some of your blogs as well and one that really stood out was the one titled "star crossed lovers" what was that all about?


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