Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Of Caffeine and Wildflowers...

There's just something about coffee that brings everyone together...

Photos By: Andrea B. | Photos Edited with the VSCO Cam Mobile App.

Outfit Details: Talula Fawkner Kimono from Aritzia (Similar one in Black Here or in a Similar Shade Here.) | Guardians of the Galaxy Graphic Tee from Forever 21 (Sadly, this is no longer avaliable, but you can get a similar tee with the same vintage feel Here!) | Tropical Flower Crown, High-Rise Festival Shorts, Beige Bracelet, and Assorted Rings (Excluding the Arrows Ring and the Gemini Midi Ring) from American Eagle (Similar Rings Here and Here, and bracelet Here) | White and Grey Bracelets from Hollister | Pentagram Cord Bracelet from Hot Topic (Similar Here and Here) | Skull Bracelet and Arrows Ring from Garage | Neon Pink Ray-Ban Wayfarers (Received as a prize from my campus Halloween Comic-Con Contest! you can purchase them Here! Or a more affordable version Here.) | Gemini Midi Ring (Part of the Limited Edition Zodiac Collection by Scratch. You might still be able to get these, but Quantities are limited!)

It was so good to be able to reconnect with some of my friends again. It's been almost a year since I've left the school, and it's always nice to leave the house once in a while and just socialize! And even if they still nag me about my unemployment status, I just roll with it and hopefully they get the message to just lay off and just let it be. Eventually I'll get there!

But there was one thing that had bothered me about the day, and that was the weather. I just hate it when the weatherman lies to you! The day was supposed to be sunny and warm but no!! What do we get!? Nothing but dark skies and gloom! Sure I was peeved by this turn of events, but it's whatever. At least the dark skies helped the bright colours of this outfit to really stand out! Still wish it was Sunny and Humid though...

P.S. You guys have to try this Aroma Ice Float! It's super amazing! It's a fun twist on the classic iced coffee blended with ice cream alongside with the coffee and the mocha and has a similar consistency as your average Starbucks Frappuchino, except it's a bit thicker so you can either have it with a straw, or eat it like it's a delicious Coffee Ice Cream! (*Whipped Cream and extra goodies not included! But can sprinkle some more cocoa powder if you really want to!)

Hope you guys are enjoying your Wednesday! Since the weekend is coming up, got any special plans? I hear it's supposed to finally get warmer around here but we'll see about that! Unfortunately I've got a lot of things to do since I'm supposed to be moving real soon, so there's that. Hopefully you guys are doing something more awesome and relaxing for your weekend!

Love Always,


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  1. Love the tee, wish you showed it up close.


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