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Zodiac Nail Kits: Nail Art Review + Gemini Pearl Nail Art

Gemini Nail Art

Welcome back! Today I have a review of a Zodiac Nail Art kit as well as some Simple yet Elegant Nails to go along with it to kick off this year's Gemini Season.

Colours Used: Colour Club Zodiac Nail Kits in Gemini Nail Polish | Avon Nailwear Pro in Gunmetal | Sinful Colours in Queen of Beauty

To commemorate the start of the Gemini Season (which had actually started a few days back on Thursday), I wanted to do something simple but at the same time capture the pure essence of Gemini using the nail polish kit that I had brought from last year at Urban Outfitters. If you are new here or for some reason you had missed some of the nails that I did for last year's Gemini Season you can check them out here!

Now before I get too off topic, the zodiac nail art kit of course comes in 12 different colours, each corresponding to the monthly birthstone of each zodiac sign.

Zodiac Nail Kits Gemini

It also comes with a little container which contains the matching jewels to go with the nail polish, as well as a nail art tool to help you apply the little gems onto the nail.

Back when it was being sold at Urban Outfitters, you could of purchased the set for about $15 but I managed to get these babies for only 99 cents in clearance! (Now that's a steal!) When you can get a set of nail art containing beautiful colours and pretty gems to go with it for such a low price, You would be pretty stupid to pass something like this up! And even if you're not really into nail art, you could still buy it anyways just to try it out.

Because Pearl is one of the Gemstones associated with Gemini (and also one of the Gemstones associated with June!), it was chosen to represent Gemini in the Zodiac nail collection. The nail polish itself has a small brush which requires you to have to go over the nail multiple times instead of having the entire nail covered in polish in one simple stroke. Perhaps the reason for this is because they either the brush too thin or because I left the nail polish kit to sit in the closet for over a year causing the nail polish to dry up over time. Whatever the case, the colour itself is meant to look like an actual pearl (or some other gemstone depending on your zodiac sign) from afar, But when you take a closer look at it, it looks more like a metallic silver with some sort of tin foil effect on the nail.

A close up of the thumbs, with top coat added. (apologies for the low-res quality, these were taken on my phone and I just wanted to show you how metallic the nails looked)

I applied two coats of the pearl polish, then sponged on a little bit of the silver glitter polish to add some depth and shimmer to the nail.

I had left the ring finger and the thumb as is because I didn't want to overpower the nails too much and wanted to have a nice and simple contrast to the other nails.

Once dried, I then added some top coat to the nails and quickly added the pearls to the tips of the nail using my fingers (The nail art tool that was provided for the sole purpose of applying the gems was completely useless and since I didn't have tweezers handy, that was the only alternative). Finally, with a stripping brush and the Gunmetal nail polish, I painted on the Gemini Glyph on my ring finger.

Overall this was a pretty basic nail art kit. For what it's worth, the colours are somewhat true to colour although it could been executed better in my opinion. To me the colour seemed more like a matte metallic silver than a realistic pearl (after all, aren't real pearls supposed to be more like a creamy white rather than just a solid silver?). In my personal opinion, if they wanted a more authentic Zodiac Nail Art Collection, instead of just sticking to the general monthly birthstones of each month, they should of done their research and do some of the more authentic birthstone of each zodiac sign. For example they could of done Agate for Gemini, and Moonstone or Ruby for Cancer. I'm not saying that the Pearl Nail Polish is a poor choice to use to represent Gemini, I just wish that the nail polish just looked (and applied!) a little better. That being said, it does not justify being sold for $15+. At best, this is worth maybe $5-$8. But if you're going to sell a nail art kit at such a high price, perhaps adding a few more things such as stencils, assorted studs, some glitter, a bigger bottle (with a decent polish brush), and a proper pair of tweezers might be able to justify the price tag.

What did you think of the Zodiac Nail Kits Collection? Would you try them out for yourselves? Let me know in the comments below!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Monday!

Love Always,


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