Monday, 21 July 2014

Teenage Wasteland

Sometimes you just want to go back to the simpler days and just let your inner rebel out!

Photos By: J. Mcfarlane | Some pics edited with Vsco Cam

Outfit Details: Purple and Black Striped Cardigan from Joe Fresh (I got this beauty for 2 for 30! You can get a similar-looking cardi Here!)
Grey Beanie and Hi-Waisted Ripped Festival Shorts from American Eagle (Similar hats Here and Here, and Shorts Here!)
Grey Tank Top from Aerie (Similar Here)
Studded Boots from Charlotte Russe (Last seen in this post Here)
Juicy Couture Crown Necklace (from eBay)

Remember the days in which we could just do whatever we wanted to do regardless of what our parents or even society thought? Oh how I wish I could go back to those carefree days in which I could whatever i pleased all without the burden and harsh realities that come with adulthood. Ah the simple joys of being a teenager again... It seems just like yesterday that I would rebel against my own family and challenge the status quo on typical teenage issues like what clothes I was allowed to wear or even on the mere fact that I wasn't allowed to have body piercings or even tattoos simply because of my upbringing/race. And that just really upsetted me back in those days...

The memories of being a restrictive teenager came rushing back to me today as my mom refused to take the pictures where I originally wanted to. In response to having been denied from my sweet photo location, I quickly had to put on a last minute outfit and ended up at a local park which happens to be just behind my house. The park itself is the perfect place to let all of your inner childhood repressions out and just let the rebel in you shine. I took cues to what some of the more grungier and badass girls would do at night in parks like these and just let my wild heart roam free across the whole park (and especially on the swing sets! I felt young and free as a rebellious bird!).

While being a teenager does have its perks, there are also a lot of downsides, like for instance you have to sometimes sneak out the house in a different set of clothes than your actual outfit (especially if you grew up in a strict family), and you also have to watch what you say around your parents so that you don't end being kicked out of your own house (trust me, that has already happened to some people that I know of!) In the end, Being a 20-something gets you the best of both worlds, and it is the greatest feeling knowing that you can still break the rules and be rebellious when it comes to fashion all while being a little bit more sensible with your actions. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Until next time, take care my lovelies! And don't forget to let your bad self shine once in a while! :)

Love Always,


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