Friday, 11 July 2014

Gemini Constellation Nails

To continue the month-long event of doing Gemini themed nails, I wanted to pay homage to the stars by doing some cosmic nails based on the Gemini Constellation.

Colours Used: Sally Hansen's Extreme Wear in Blue It | Avon Nailwear Pro in French Tip White, Blue Escape, Luxe Lavender, and Sunshine | Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers in Darkest Hour | Hard Candy Nail Polish in Birthday Bash | Sinful Colours in Queen of Beauty | Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in Silver and White

Because I'm madly obsessed with astrology and the zodiac, I was very excited to actually recreate the constellations on my nails and pay a tribute to one of my favourite signs in the zodiac and so I thought... why not Galaxy Nails? Besides I've been meaning to do a galaxy nail for a while now, but didn't quite knew on how to execute it or even where to start, so I saw this as a great opportunity to try it out while at the same time blending it with the Gemini/Zodiac theme that I wanted to convey on these nails.

I used the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Blue It as my base colour for these cosmic nails to make it look like that I was gazing upon the stars at dusk (the blue hour).

Once the base was dry, I went ahead and dabbed on a small layer of Avon’s French Tip White as a starting point for my galaxy nails. I made sure to do a different shape on each nail so that it would look more realistic looking and more interesting to look at.

Then I sponged on Avon’s Sunshine, Luxe Lavender, and Blue Escape in that order. I chose these colours because they not only represented a part of myself and are just some of the colours that associated with Gemini, but they also help complement the rest of the nails beautifully. You may have to go over the colours again in case you accidentally cover them up just so that you can see each and every colour. I then sponged on some black on the corners of the nails to make it look more like deep space as well as to make it a bit more realistic. I finished off these nails with a layer of glitter polish called Queen of Beauty by Sinful Colours to add some distant stars to the nails (all while adding a little sparkle to them at the same time!)

The Cosmos in Vivid Colour...
For the ring finger, I used the same blue nail polish for the nail however instead of sponging on the black in the corners, I just left it as is and painted on a thin layer of glitter polish on top. I then added a layer of top coat so that when I apply the silver paint on the next layer, It would stand out more and wouldn't get lost in the sea of glitter. Using the Silver nail art pen, I drew on the basic outline of the constellation and then added dots to the main points of the constellation using the White nail art pen. 

For the thumb, I've decided to to a French manicure for this nail. But instead of doing a galaxy themed manicure on this nail (besides it would be much too difficult for someone with my skill level to try and attempt), I just painted on two layers of thick glitter polish in Hard Candy’s Birthday Bash.
This glitter French manicure was the perfect accent nail which went surprisingly well with the rest of the cosmic themed nails!

For once my right hand looks decent enough for me to show off to the world! (And this is coming from somebody who sometimes even messes up on the left hand when painting with the right!) I was so pleased with the work that I've done with the nails on my right hand that I actually wanted to share with you all how they turned out! I think it's because galaxy nails are so simple to do and easy to learn, it's pretty hard to mess up on them really.

Not bad for a first try!
I think that this might be my best work thus far. I loved these nails so much that I'm actually going to shed a tear when it comes time to remove these babies. I wish I could permanently tattoo this design onto my nails so that I can wear them forever!

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