Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sollux Captor Themed Nails

Yes, Yes, Yes. I know I said I wouldn’t do anymore Homestuck Themed Nail Art until I catch up on the story again, But I just couldn’t resist the call of doing even more Gemini themed nails with a little Troll inspiration…

Colours Used: Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Nail Polish in My Cherry Amour and That's What I Mint | Avon Nailwear Pro in Electric Green, Vivid Violet, and Sunshine | Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers Nail Polish in Darkest Hour | Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in Black, White, Purple, Silver, and Yellow | Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to do these nails. Sure I could of gone the same route that I went with when I had done with the Capricorn trolls (Kurloz and Gamzee), and just base it on a single concept that reflects their sense of style and personality. But because I couldn’t think of anything at the top of my head that would reflect his general style, I just went with the basics, and represented everything that he is all about in a simple nutshell. Of course I could of given the nails some justice and had gone the extra mile by going even deeper into his personality and had also included his likes and interest, but because I can’t quite remember what he’s like in general, I just went with what I knew about him.

Just like the nails that I had done with the Psiioniic Helmsman, I had also painted on red and blue on the index and pinky fingers respectively. But instead of using regular nail polish and finishing off with a layer of glitter polish, I used Nicole by OPI’s Gumdrops Nail Polish in My Cherry Amour and That’s What I Mint. I started off with two layers of the nail polish just like what I would do with the other nails. But then after the second layer, I contemplated on whether or not I should finish off with a top coat since normally in order to get the perfect gumdrop effect, you just leave the nail as is instead of adding a layer of top coat on the top.

After looking at several nail art blogs which had the top coat on top of the Gumdrop nail polish and seeing how beautiful they looked, I decided to give it a try.

To be honest, they turned out to be pretty ok! The fine glitter that’s found in these Gumdrops really stand out beautifully and sparkles with a holographic effect with just a layer of top coat! Sometimes you just have to break the rules and just see what happens!

Because Sollux is the Mage of Doom, I decided to have that represented on these nails. So for the Middle finger, I painted on a thin layer of green nail polish and then blended that with the black and sponged on the darker green colour for the second nail. I then finished off the nail with a simple Doom logo. Surprisingly, it turned out to be ok, even if you can barely see it on the dark nail polish.

The ring finger is pretty straight forward – Two coats of black nail polish, and then finished off with a Gemini Glyph (The same one found on Sollux’s Shirt), using the yellow nail art pen.

Now for the thumb, I tried to something complicated for the nail. At first I was going to add a honeycomb background for the bumblebee to hover over but because I didn’t have the required tools to paint it on, I just dabbed on some light orange to the yellow base to add some texture to the mind honey. Then, using the nail art pens, I drew on a simple bumblebee and then added a little extra detail to them at the end.

With the exception of the Index and Pinky fingers, I finished off these nails with a matte nail polish (The Index and Pinky fingers were finished off with just a regular top coat)

While these aren’t the best nails that I would be proud to show off, I think I did a pretty good job of representing Sollux/Gemini on my nails.

So what did you guys think of these nails? Are these pretty decent, or are they a monstrosity that I should have been ashamed over? What could I have done better with them?

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