Friday, 11 July 2014

Psiioniic Helmsman Nail Art

Edit: Yes I'm aware that Gemini Season was actually last month. I'm just playing catch up on stuff that I had already posted on Instagram before starting this blog.

To celebrate the start of the Gemini Season (which is also my Birth Sign! J), I've decided to celebrate the occasion by doing ψiioniic Helmsman themed nails!

Colours Used: Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Blue It | Sinful Colours in Ruby Ruby | Quo Instant Nail Artist in Glittering Gold | Hard Candy Nail Polish in Birthday Bash | Avon Nailwear Pro in Sunshine and Vivid Violet | Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in Black and Neon Pink

In case you don't know where the inspiration for these nails came from, Let me tell you about Homestuck...

Homestuck is a massive internet sensation that was started in 2009 by the elusive Andrew Hussie. This webcomic is based on a young boy named John Egbert who is just celebrating his 13th birthday. With the help of his friends (and later on the trolls), They play a video game which turns out to be anything but ordinary. There is more to the story but because it's been a while since I've last read it, and because Homestuck is very hard to explain to begin with, I suggest that you check out the MSPA Website or even Tumblr if you want to learn more about this amazing story!

I know I could of done better with these nails but because it’s been a while since I've last read Homestuck, I've pretty much forgot everything that I happened in the story. (I still remember key parts of the webcomic as well as the characters and what their personalities and interests are like, that’s beside the point…) I had to basically go on the MSPA Wiki page to get a feel for what the Helmsman was like. I feel kind of ashamed of myself because I went ahead and did nail art based on a fandom that I know next to nothing about (but is still heavily interested in the story and all of the amazing characters involved!), and wound up doing a crappy job on them.

For the Index and Pinky fingers, I painted on the Red and Blue eyes found on the Gemini Trolls, which also represents duality. I could easily had done Blue nails on the index finger and Red on the pinky finger since I had actually preferred it to the other way around, but because I wanted to be as accurate and true to the character as possible, I swapped the colours around so that it would be in the same order that the eyes would be in.

So for the blue nails I used Sally Hansen's Extreme Wear in Blue It and then dabbed on two thick layers of Hard Candy's glitter polish in Birthday Bash to finish off the blue eyes. Then I did the same technique with the red nails, only this time I did two layers Before I painted on the second layer of red however, I just painted on a thick layer of gold nail polish and then brushed on a thin layer of the red nail polish over the gold (using the glitter sandwich technique that can be found here!) so that it can share the same shimmery effect that was found on the blue nails (except with fine glitter instead of the chunky glitter that was used on the blue nails). 

For the ring finger, I painted on two layers Avon's Sunshine and then with the nail art pen, I drew on the Gemini glyph in the same shape and style that is found on the Helmsman's jumpsuit.

The middle finger was the hardest part for me as i didn't have the tools that are needed to make intricate and detailed designs that are found on some of the nails that I found fascinating. (I swear some of these nail bloggers make it look so easy to paint on the nails but yet when you try it for yourself it doesn't always turn out right you know what I mean?). So for my sad attempt of recreating the vines that the Psiioniiic Helmsman is attached to, I painted on a thin layer of Avon's Vivid Violet and then blended that shade with a Fuchsia Nail Polish to add a touch of pink to the nail. Because I had no idea on how to actually paint vines on a nail, I just used a black nail pen and drew some squiggly lines on the and added some neon pink in between them to add a bit of detailing to them.

I have to say, that even for my first attempt at trying something that I don't get to see quite often on nails, this was a sad attempt indeed. I could just see the faces of other people and just shaking their heads in shame as to why I would even bother posting something this awful on the internet. Because I'm not exactly good with nail art just yet, I'm still bound to make mistakes from time to time (But before this becomes a big long essay on Nail Art, I'll tell you the rest of my struggles at a later date!)

And finally, I've decided to paint on just regular gold nail polish and paint on a thick layer of gold glitter on the thumb to act as an accent to the rest of the nails. (And also because I couldn't think of anything else that was related to the Psiioniic Helmsman… Sure I could of just borrowed some of the elements that are related to Mituna since he is the post-scratch version of the helmsman but to me they are completely different from each other despite sharing some similarities)

Now all we need now is a bumblebee...
Ok I won’t lie, for someone who is basically a fraud and who knows nothing about the fandom (despite reading Homestuck for years now), these aren’t half bad! Sure I could of done better by maybe including the Psiioniic Helmsmans face onto the nails and painting realistic looking vines on my nails, but for someone who is just staring out in the world of nail art, these turned out to be ok. Maybe next time I attempt to do Homestuck nail art, I’ll reread the entire webcomic and whip up some authentic character nails to boot!

For those of you who are interested you can check out the Webcomic here! (Trust me, you won’t regret it, it will change your life for better or for worse!)

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