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Manicure Monday: Miss Universe the Wicked Witch of Space...

Hey Guys I’m back! Sorry that I haven’t been posting as often as I would like to. My computer’s monitor screen just broke and I’ve been trying to look for ways to repair it without having to spend any money to replace the screen but yeah! It’s still kinda broken and since I don’t have the funds right now to replace the screen, and I didn’t want to go any longer without blogging, guess I’ll just have to deal with the strange crack on my screen for now!

Any ways as part of Today’s Lacquer Legion Monthly Prompt, I wanted to do some nails that was part of the monthly theme that they were doing. Now since this month’s theme is Fandoms, I was super ecstatic to hear about the news and couldn’t wait to try out a few nails relating to a fandom that I’m sorta in. As you might of guessed by now, This is another Homestuck Themed Nail Post. Since I am madly in love with the series it only made sense that I did some nails to pay tribute to the fandom.

These are the recreation nails that I had done last week that was inspired by a fan art (I’ll also be doing another nail art based on a character from the same series later on today so keep an eye out for that post!). While I was browsing through Tumblr the other day, I came across a little gem that I found so inspiring that I wanted to recreate the stunning artwork onto my nails.

A few months ago The creators of MSPA Adventures and Homestuck were holding a t-shirt contest which was sponsored by We Love Fine (which sells fandom-based merchandise) to determine which design would appear in stores nationwide at stores such as Hot Topic, as well as in the online stores of What Pumpkin and We Love Fine. One of the Entries in the contest was a beautiful illustration of one of the Homestuck characters, which was done by an artist named Rennie Kingsley (Rendigo on Tumblr).

Rennie’s illustration features Jade Harley, which showcased her abilities as a fully realized Witch of Space by having her hair styled with a cosmic print complete with planets and tiny stars included in this galaxy themed illustration. You can check out more of her amazing artwork Here! and check out her amazing new webcomic called The Weave here!

Colours Used: Sinful Colours Nail Polish in Black on Black and Queen of Beauty | Avon Nailwear Pro in Island Glow and Blue Escape | Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in White Out, Mint Sorbet and Blue It

The nails themselves were relatively easy to do. I tried my best to get my nails to look as much as the illustration as possible by sponging on the nails in the order that had appeared in the painting. I started off using a white base for the basic outline for the Nebula. I then sponged on Mint Sorbet, Blue Escape, Blue It, and Island Glow in that order. I had to go over some of the nails again with the lighter shades just so that each shade can easily be seen on the nail and make it look more realistic and true to the illustration.

I then added some tiny white stars using the dotting tool to add a bit more interest to the nail. Then I sponged on some fine glitter to the nail using the technique that I have learned from Chalkboard Nails to add a bit more depth and interest to the nail (and as a added bonus, the nails look even more amazing under natural sunlight!).

Why am I holding a bottle of matte top coat you might ask? Well instead of just finishing off these nails with a regular top coat, I've decided to use a matte top coat instead to give it a different look from your typical galaxy nails.

Jade’s hair in the illustration was the source of the inspiration behind the nails that I had showed you guys today. So for a added bonus, I'm going to give you guys a simple tutorial so that you can create your very own galaxy nails. Hopefully for my very first tutorial, this will turn out just fine (I hope! L).

You Will Need:
  • A Black Nail Polish (Dark Blue can also work!)
  • White Nail Polish
  • 3-4 Colours of Your Choosing (For this Galaxy Tutorial, I’ll be using Avon Nailwear Pro in Island Glow, & Sally Hansens Extreme Wear in Blue It, and Mint Sorbet)
  • A Dotting Tool (If you don’t have one, then you can also use a fine-tipped White Nail Art Pen)
  • Fine Glitter Polish
  • Makeup Sponge
  • Quick-Drying Top Coat

  1. Start by painting on two thin layers of the black nail polish, making sure to allow each layer to dry completely before applying the next layer on the nail.
  2. Lightly Sponge on your first colour over the white while making sure to concentrate the colour near the middle of the nebula. 
  3. Then, with your second colour, sponge on the colour while keeping it close to the first colour. Make sure that you doing this lightly so that all of the colours are still visible.
  4. Using the Dark blue nail polish, Sponge on the colour in and around the nebula, making sure that the colour fades into the black nail polish. This will give it a more realistic look while adding depth to the nail.
  5. If any of the colours happen to be completely covered in the nebula, feel free to sponge on a second layer until all of the colours are equally visible.
  6. Using a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover, remove any excess nail polish that might be around the finger.
  7. Finally, using a fine glitter polish, paint on a thin layer onto the nail to create more stars and to add more depth and sparkle to the nail. Alternatively, you can sponge on the glitter polish (which I learned from a Chalkboard Nails Tutorial), onto the black portions of the nail so that the sponged nebula doesn't get overwhelmed by the glitter polish.
  8. Seal with a top coat to protect your design and to prevent it from chipping away.

Want the tutorial in more detail? No problem! I've also included a Pinterest-friendly detailed instructions for this tutorial for you guys to pin! 

To look at past nail art that I did based on Homestuck, you can check out the posts that I did for Gemini Season Here and Here and even more Nail Art on my Instagram!

So what did you think of my first Nail Art Tutorial? Do you find painting galaxy nails to be oh so relaxing? Have you ever done Nail Art based on something that you've been inspired by? Let me know in the comments below!

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