Sunday, 13 July 2014

Germany Soccer Uniform Nails

For today’s World Cup Final, I drew a little fashion inspiration from the uniforms found on the German Soccer Team.

I was inspired to do these nails when I had first seen the uniforms the Germany wore when they went to face the US during the last game in the group stages. I was so inspired by the uniforms that they wore on that day that I wanted to recreate them on my nails.

Now because the game is currently underway, I shall go through these real quick!

I've divided the hands into the two uniforms that Germany has worn throughout the World Cup. The nails were surprisingly simple to do because The only colours that I used for these nails were Red, Black and White (plus the colours that are found on the German flag).

The left hand featured the red and black uniforms which I just love and made me want to do these nails in the first place. I painted on two layers of the red nail polish then with the striping brush I painted on black rugby-style stripes on the nails in alternating patterns on each nail (vertical on the Pinky and Index fingers and the classic horizontal stripes on the middle finger). The ring finger also had the same vertical stripes on the finger, but instead of having just the stripes on that finger, I divided the nail in half diagonally and had the flag of Germany on the bottom half of the nail.

The Right hand was a bit trickier to do, as I had no idea on how to convey the diagonal red stripes found on their white jerseys.  Unlike the Red and Black jerseys which had an interesting Rugby Stripe pattern, I couldn't help but be baffled on how to interpret the Red gradient stripes on my nails. The index finger and the Pinky finger featured the gradient red stripes going in alternative directions. For the ring finger I painted on the miniature version of the jersey onto the nail since I couldn't think of anything else that would be interesting enough to paint on the nail. I then added on tiny black stripes onto the nail to add a bit more detail to an otherwise bland nail.

The Middle finger was kinda tricky for me to do. For starters it was really difficult for me to divide the nail in half diagonally since my left hand can’t quite paint as well as my right hand and so the flag portion of the nail ended up overtaking the majority of the nail. I could of redone the nail and tried again but I thought that it would be more trouble trying to redo the whole thing and so I kept it as is (plus I wanted to have these nails done before the end of the World Cup).

For my sad attempt of trying to paint on soccer balls on my thumbs, I used two layers of the white nail polish, and then with a Black nail art pen, I tried to draw on a soccer ball pattern on the nails. I was so disappointed with these when I checked the templates again on the internet and other nail blogging sites and saw that compared to their soccer balls that mine clearly doesn't resembles a soccer ball at all! Yes I know that I should look at the bright side of things and just be proud of my very first attempt of trying something that’s above my current level of nail art design, and just hope for the best next time. But I just couldn't help but be a little disappointed with how they turned out.

Anywho, While I am pleased with what I have done with these nails, I think I could of done better with them. Seeing as how they are one of my favourite teams that I will be cheering for this World Cup, you would think that I would do an amazing job on them. But oh well, I'm still working on my nail art skills as a go along and I know that one day, I will be able to recreate  anything on my nails, and it will be amazing!

Even though I am cheering for Argentina to win the World Cup, I will be happy regardless on who wins the trophy!

Author's Note: At the time of this article's posting, Germany has won the World Cup! While I am a little disappointed that Argentina couldn't pull through in the last seconds of the game, I'm still pleased to hear that one of the teams that I really wanted to win went all the way to win the championship! Way to go Germany! 

What did you think of the nails? Did you think that I did pretty good for my first time recreating nails based on what I see? What was the hardest nail art that you've tried to do but somehow succeeded in? Let me know in the comments below!

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