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Y'er a Wizard Eridan! (Eridan Ampora Themed Nails)

Hey Guys! I know I'm a few days late to the party but that doesn't mean I can't share with you guys what I did for this month's Lacquer Legion prompt. Since this month's theme was fandoms, I wanted to do something cool with the theme so I went with nails inspired by Eridan Ampora from Homestuck. 

Eridan Ampora Nail Art

I could of easily have went with another fandom to do for this month's prompt but since I found it difficult for me to create nail art from the other fandoms that I'm in, and because I find it easy for me to get really inspired with nail art ideas for Homestuck, I just went with that.

Ever since the theme was announced, I had a million and one ideas that I wanted to do for my nails before I finally settled in on doing Eridan themed nails. He may not exactly be one of my favourite characters in the series, but at least everything that he stands for looks pretty kickass when translated onto nails! (Not bad for someone who's a hellbent tyrannical dictator who strongly believes in the blood caste system and wants to wipe off all the lowbloods from the face of the universe!)

As the Prince of Hope, Eridan tends to dress very stylish compared to the rest of the trolls found in Homestuck, and this is shown by the large amount of jewellery and accessories that he is seen constantly wearing. Due to his high rank in the blood caste system as well as his general egotistical nature, Eridan tends to dress in fancy clothing and his style is extremely similar to that of an evil overlord. He is also known for his striped scarf and infamous cape (which is similar to what his Ancestor wore), which possibly ties in with his obsession with wizards. Basically, His basic style could be described as flamboyant hipster meets supervillain.


Despite not actually believing in magic, Eridan has a HUGE fascination with wizards and wands and I wanted to showcase that on these nails that I have here today.

Filthy Lowwbloods...

Colours Used: Avon Nailwear Pro in Gunmetal, Vivid Violet, Blue Escape, and Sunshine | Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Blue It and White On | Sally Hansen Salon Nail Polish in Silver Stiletto | Sinful Colours Nail Polish in Black on Black | Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in Black

I started off the manicure by doing his pants and the trademark scarf that he is always seen wearing. I added on the thin black pinstripes that are found on his pants using a striping brush. I then blended together Blue it with a little drop of White on to get the light blue stripes that are found on his scarf.

I then painted on what appears to be his wand in Silver Stilletto and then sponged on a bit of Gunmetal to give it a bit more detail. To add even more depth to this nail, I've sponged on White Out around the wand then added on Blue Escape and Black on Black and blended it with the purple base. I've also added a lightning bolt so that it looks like there's magic (excuse me... Science!) coming out of it!!

Eridan Nail Art Right Hand

Lightning was another element of these nails that represents his immense power that Eridan likes to believve that he has, Pretending that he's this great and all-powerful wizard but really and truly, He doesn't know 2hit!

Sure I could of done a basic Aquarius Glyph that is found on his shirt but I felt that it would be too bland comparing to the rest of these nails. (Plus Aquarius' ruling planet, Uranus represents lightning and electricity so I guess this makes a good symbolic replacement!)

I had to do this nail over a couple of times before I finally got the lightning outline down pat. One of my friends on Facebook had mentioned to me that they would of looked better and more realistic if I had added tiny white pops at the ends of the lighting bolts. I shall definitely remember to try this out for next time!

Since these nails fit the bill for a tryannical wizard (in my opinion anyways), I've also modelled these nails using the wand that was part of my Calliope Costume from last halloween (plus the two wands are pretty identical anyways...)

The thumb was the fun part of the nail! I started off with a base of Gunmetal then blended that with some white to get that famous Troll skin hue. Using a nail art pen I drew on his hipster-inspired glasses then with a striping brush filled it in with some Sunshine (which matches the typical colour found in Homestuck Trolls). I then added on the Aquarius Glyph to each eye using a fine-tipped nail pen, so that it looked very similar to the Hipster Wayfarers/Communication device that he uses to talk to the other players. To finish off the nail, I added on his hair and his famous blood purple Lightning highlight using a tiny striping brush.

Look at this hipster douchebag

The nails were finished off with Sally Hansen's Big Matte Topcoat. As a last minute detail, I've added on tiny black polish dots with the dotting tool on the middle finger to make look even more cooler.

Now go forth young wizard! Educate the world with your immense power and knowledge over the Wwhite Sciences while slaying all those filthy lowbloods!

Believe in the Wwhite Sciences!

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