Friday, 29 August 2014

Meet Me by the Windy Pier... | Talula Debutante Dress

Talula Debutante Dress

And let's take a little stroll down memory lane...

H&M Floppy Hat

White Lace Dress

Forever 21 Round Sunglasses

Photos By: David G. | Pictures Edited with the Afterlight Mobile App

Outfit Details: Talula Debutante Dress from Aritzia (Similar Here) | Studded Boho Belt and Pearl Gemstone Necklace from American Eagle (Similar Here and Here) | Floppy Hat from H&M (Last seen in this post.) | Round Sunglasses from Forever 21 (Similar Here)

You were my best friend and I was really happy to see you again after you had left me for so long. I still couldn't understand why you had left in the first place but it feels good to be with you again.

When you had sent me that little note saying that you wanted to see me, I had little shivers tingling down my body and I could feel the tiny wings of the butterflies in my stomach once more. I had made sure to put on the beautiful white dress that you had given me for my birthday but never really found the chance to wear it... Until now.

We had spent the entire afternoon catching up and having a little fun of our own at the local beach. From splashing each other like little kids on the canoe to just watching the sunset together while gazing lovingly in each other's eyes, I never wanted this magical day to end. But alas, it was never meant to be.

It was so hard to see you board on that airplane and leave me once again. Even though we had a blast together, you still didn't want to get back together with me. I don't know what it is that you want from me, but I will do anything to get you back in my arms, even if it takes me the rest of my life to make it happen.

Farewell my love, Until next time...

Love Always,


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