Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Follow the Graffiti Road Less Travelled...

AE Striped Mini Skirt

There's so much culture to be discovered in such a small world...

Graffiti Art

Urban Fashion

Downtown Brampton

Guess Oversized Studded Crossbody

Edgy Fashion

Studded Combat Boots

Tragic Couturist

Photos By: David G. | Some Photos Edited in Photoshop

Outfit Details:  Studded Leather Jacket and Oversized Studded Crossbody Purse from Guess (Purse Details are from my last post. You can find a Similar Looking Jacket Here or Here) | Boho Floral Tassel Blouse from Abercrombie (Similar Here) | Lace Bandeau from Aerie (Similar Here) | Teashades Sunglasses from Garage (Last Seen in this post) | Striped Mini Skirt and Knitted Toque from American Eagle (Similar Here and Here) | Studded Combat Boots from Urban Planet (Similar Here) | Star Scarf from Sirens (From my High School days. You can find a Similar style Here! Or a more Affordable Option Here!)

Downtown Brampton doesn't have to be boring! Sure it may not be as exciting as Toronto or even Mississauga but that doesn't mean that there's absolutely nothing to do in this town! Our options may be limited when it comes to entertainment but when it comes to the art, there's never a shortage of it!

For the afternoon excursion that I went on with my friend, I wanted to capture the urban and gritty side of a sprawling metropolis in this outfit. The more edgier pieces such as the studded jacket and accessories represents the old, decaying buildings and the various graffiti art that can be found in the city while the more feminine pieces such as my Floral Tassel Blouse represents the beauty and the arts and culture that is found here. It also represents the city's status as the Flower City. Basically I'm wearing my hometown on my own sleeves!

While I do like the one of the kind graffiti-like artworks that you can find though out the town, a part of me still wishes that it could be a bit more you know? Urban? I'm not saying that I have a problem with the tame and friendlier graffiti artworks that you find around here, I just wish it was a bit more elaborate and edgier. Just the way graffiti should be.

Any of you guys have any exciting and inspiring graffiti artworks in your local town?

Love Always,


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