Saturday, 16 August 2014

Cruel World

Forever 21 Daisy Maxi Skirt

Have a little suburban in you and just get crazy... 

Talula Trooper Jacket

Nature Photography

Gemini Necklace

Beautiful Fields

Photos By: David G. |  Photos edited with the VSCO Cam and Afterlight Mobile Apps

Outfit Details: Grey Striped Beanie and Daisy Print Maxi Skirt from Forever 21 (Similar hat Here) | Talula Trooper Jacket from Aritzia | Boho Floral Tassel Blouse from Abercrombie (Similar Here) | Lace Bandeau from Aerie (Similar Here) | Oversized Studded Crossbody Purse from Guess (Last Seen in this post.) | Wayfarer Sunglasses from American Eagle (Similar Here) | Gemini Necklace from Sirens (From my High School days. You can find Zodiac Necklaces at your local store or online) 

The neighbourhood around me is quickly changing. Ten years ago there used to be nothing but the wide open fields and long open roads that would go on for miles in the pseudo-rural area that I used to live in. Years have passed by and soon we had new plazas popping up and with it new schools and parks to our booming neighbourhood. As much as I love that our city is moving forward and making it a much more liveable and enjoyable place to live in, sometimes I just wish that I could have one moment to have some peace and quiet.

And its not just the neighbourhoods that are rapidly changing, store brands in which I have grown to love, are starting to change too. Did you know that Abercrombie used to be a preppy and collegiate brand? Due to poor sales, they had to update their look and now their stores today includes clothing and accessories that you would expect to find in a Forever 21 (or even some other fast-fashion store). As much as I love some of the new stuff that they are coming out with (They have black and purple now! Hurray for progress!! :) ) I still wish they could of stuck to their roots and had found other ways to update the preppy look without having to resort to sexuality to sell the items.

It's a cruel world that we now live in and it's only a matter of time before the things that we used to love and/or cherish deeply, disappears from our lives forever. I understand that change is good and stores have to sometimes rebrand themselves in order to stay fresh and relevant, I just wish that it wasn't so dramatic.

What's a major change that has happend to you in your lives? Do you like how some of these stores are rebranding themselves? Let me know in the comments below.

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