Sunday, 3 August 2014

Just Because I Love Coffee Doesn't Mean That I'm a Hipster...

Hipster Fashion

And wearing a plaid top to a coffee house doesn't make you one either!

Soft Grunge Fashion

Boho Grunge

Wannabe Hipster

Lace Maxi Skirt

Photos By: Lucy B. | Photos Edited with the VSCO Cam App

Outfit Details: Talula Trooper Jacket from Aritzia | Black Lace Bandeau, Teashades, and Skull Skinny Belt from Garage (Similar Here and Here) | Pins and Needles Lace Maxi Skirt from Urban Outfitters (Similar Here) | Plaid Shirt, Turquoise Ring, and Dreamer Bracelet from American Eagle (Similar Here, Here, and Here) | Black Beanie from Hot Topic (Similar Here) | Juicy Couture Miss Daydreamer Purse (Purchased at Winner's in Canada)

There's just something about coffee houses that just send off chill and gritty vibes around that makes you feel inspired and a place in which you like to get things done and have intellectual conversations about philosophy and life with other people. You can see why coffee houses are stereotypically seen as a place where hipsters and other creatives like to hang out while listening to some indie rock (or whatever obscure band that happens to be playing in the background...)

Today was just a quiet afternoon spent with friends and all we really wanted to do was to drink some coffee and just spend the day away talking about random, intellectual stuff and just complain about today's society. You know, Hipster stuff?

We then went to this really sweet bicycle shop which was selling vintage type bicycle stuff, the same kinds that I would see hipsters ride around the neighbourhood. And as the cherry on a bittersweet cake, We went to this motorcycle show which was being held at the local park and it was spectacular! I've secretly wanted to ride a motorcycle for many years now and it was just my dream come true when I finally got the opportunity to ride on one myself! (Okay so I didn't actually ride the motorcycle but at least I got to sit on one!) Someday I want to have my own motocycle and just ride off into the sunset... 

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend as much as I did! :) 

Love Always,


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