Thursday, 2 October 2014

Star-Crossed Lovers... | Topshop Floral Dress

Topshop Floral Dress

Sometimes I just wish that things can go back to the way things were before... 

Photos By: Judith M.

Outfit Details: Aloha Floral Dress from Topshop (Similar Here and Here) | BDG Cardigan from Urban Outfitters (Similar Here) | Studded Infinity Scarf from American Eagle (Similar Here and Here) | Fedora Hat from Ardene (Similar Here) | Round Sunglasses from Forever 21 (Similar Here) | Studded Oversized Crossbody Purse from Guess (Last Seen in This Post)

Ok confession time... I've been cheating on you. Well, not really since we've already broken up and all, but like my heart just wasn't feeling right you know? 

He just randomly decided to show up at my place, and just sweep me off my feet for all the wrong reasons. He tried to convince me that you were all wrong for me simply because he thinks that you are a horrible person but honestly, I just think that he's just jealous of you. Despite all the false accusiations that he had said about you, he never really cared for me. He just wanted to use me so that he can ruin my reputation!

You have to believe me! I'm innocent!! Don't believe the lies that he has been spreading about us, none of it is true! You know me well enough that I would never say anything bad or malicious about you! 

It's such a shame that I now have to burn this beautiful floral dress that I wore out with him. After the way that he had violently abused me and treated me like a worthless woman, I just don't want to have any recollection of that horrible night drifting around in my closet. It's such a shame that this dress could not have been worn under much better circumstances.

I do hope that you do come back real soon and fix this mess. Let's expose this dirt bag for what he really is!

Love Always,


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